Lukas Reiß


Although Lukas is the most mature among us (born in 1988), he never misses an occasion to show how easily he can compete with younger ones. It is thanks to his planning skills and his life experience that our instruments are stowed safely in the van and reach our next destination intact.

We know we can always count on Lukas on his trumpet. Aged eight he began to play it in his hometown Baden-Baden and won several first prizes as soloist and in an ensemble at “Jugend musiziert”. He completed his Bachelor studies with Prof. Wolfgang Bauer as his tutor at MH Stuttgart and then changed to HMTM Hanover in 2013 to complete a Master’s programme with Prof. Jeroen Berwaerts. Lukas played in the National Youth Orchestra and was an intern with the Stuttgarter Philharmoniker. In addition he substitutes in various German orchestras.

As founding member Lukas has been with Salaputia Brass since 2007 and with Salaputia Brass Connection since 2011.

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