Anton Borderieux

Despite his north German origin Anton (*1991) is anything but cool or reserved. Thanks to his charming sense of humour and his eloquence he leads through our concerts as part our team of presenters.

He took his first lessons on the trumpet in his hometown Lüneburg, where he also learned to play the piano and drums. After his junior studies at HfMT Hanover with Prof. Jeroen Berwaerts, he began a bachelor programme with Prof. Matthias Höfs in Hamburg. Anton he has been continuing this bachelor programme with Prof. Klaus Schuhwerk in Basel since 2014. He supplements his studies with lessons by jazz trumpet player Prof. Matthieu Michel at the Academy of Music Basel.

As an award winner at “Jugend musiziert“ he played in the festival orchestra of the “Tanglewood Music Festival“ 2009 in the USA. Besides Anton played in the Regional Youth Orchestra Bremen and has been member of the “Junge norddeutsche Philharmonie” since 2010. In addition, he regularly substitutes at the National Opera Hamburg, the National Opera Hanover and other German orchestras.

As founding member Anton has been playing in Salaputia Brass Connection since 2011. He is trumpeter in the brass ensemble “Quintett Avanti” who won the first prize at the “International Brass Competition Passau” in 2012. And he is founding member of the chamber orchestra “ensemble reflector”.

Signals from Heaven