Severin Stitzenberger

As the only non-brass player Severin (*1991) sometimes has a hard time. He has to carry the largest instruments, mostly sits at the back of the stage and is always the minority. Nevertheless, he fully contributes to the ensemble and holds the group together with his rhythm.

When he was only five years old his father taught him to play the drums. He became a pre-student at HfMT Munich where he began a bachelor programme with Prof. Arnold Riedhammer and Prof. Peter Sadlo after having finished his military service in the air force music corps. He won several national prizes at “Jugend musiziert” and played in the Regional Youth Orchestra Baden-Württemberg and the National Youth Orchestra for many years.

After an internship at the State Opera Stuttgart and a temporary contract at the Opera of Frankfurt, Severin started as first percussionist with the Augsburger Philharmoniker in 2015.

Severin has been with Salaputia Brass Connection since 2014.

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