Joel Zimmermann


Since he was eight years old Joel (*1990) has been on stage, not as a tuba player at first though. Back then he was member of the famous boys’ choir of Windsbach, with which he sang 650 concerts. Aged eleven he started to play the tuba and received lessons from Heiko Triebener, tuba player with the Bamberger Symphoniker.

Before starting his studies at HfM Würzburg with Prof. Berton Nordblom and Heiko Triebener as his tutors, Joel played in the National Youth Orchestra for four years. By now he substitutes in various German orchestras, e.g. the Württembergische Philharmonie Reutlingen, the Mainfranken Theatre Würzburg and the Nürnberger Symphoniker.

As founding member Joel has been with Salaputia Brass since 2007 and with Salaputia Brass Connection since 2011.

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