Fränkische Landeszeitung – 6th October 2014

“The musicians proved […] to be giants at their art.“

“Bursting with energy but always balanced, full of empathy for all themes, impressive in the harmony and without loss of power, thrilling through to the last encore”

Südkurier – 1st October 2013

“With trumpet, horn, tuba and trombone they used their musical variety to its full extent, created thrilling big band sound or orchestral atmosphere and exceeded the traditional image of brass music by far.”

Schwäbische Zeitung – Jürgen Blankenhorn – 1st October 2013

”When ten excellent individual musicians play together just for the fun of it, then it must be the Salaputia Brass Connection.”

”(…) An impressive concert with young professional musicians who combined youthful lightheartedness with the joy of playing music and a high degree of professionalism and talent. An ensemble which more than deserved the standing ovations from a thrilled audience.”

Kieler Nachrichten – Herbert Hofmann – 6th August 2013

”Their fantastic performance made the audience whistle, roar, clap loudly – and nearly dance.”

About the concert in Lüneburg on 7th September 2012

Landeszeitung Lüneburg“ – aat

”All ten of them master their instruments perfectly and animate each other into a homogeneous, varied, dynamic and flexible sound experience.”

”The creative interpretation of “Variationen über ein Thema von Haydn” and Ravel’s beautiful pavane […] exceeded everybody’s expectations. Not for one moment did one miss the symphonic orchestra or the piano that the original works had intended.”

“Professionalism, full presence on stage and pure joy of music […]”

Signals from Heaven