Philip Pineda Resch

Philip Pineda Resch (*1994) started to take trombone lessons at the local music school in Heidelberg when he was six years old. Back then Victor Hamann was his tutor.

Only aged 13 Philip became a pre-student with Prof. Erhard Wetz at the University of Music and Art Mannheim. From 2007 to 2012 he regularly participated in “Jugend musiziert” competitions and received first prizes at national level in the categories solo, duo and ensemble. In addition he was awarded a prize for the best interpretation of a piece that is part of the so called ostracized music by the Stadtwerke Schwerin.

After 2009 Philip played – like many other members of the Connection – in the National Youth Orchestra and gained a good deal of orchestra experience. Currently Philip is studying with Prof. Jonas Bylund in Hanover.

Philip has been with Salaputia Brass Connection since 2014.

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